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Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction

Pubic symphysis dysfunction, Symphysis pubis, SPD or PSD (all the same thing), is feared by most pregnant women. At Chiropractic First we have seen ladies carried into the clinic because the pain of SPD was so severe.
Pubic Symphysis

The pubic symphysis is the joint at the front of the pelvis, where the two hip bones (iliac bones) come together. Symphysis pubis dysfunction is a common cause of pain and disability in pregnancy.

Research from 2005 suggested that between 1 in 27-36 women suffered with SPD, and that had been increasing over recent years, although some put that down to better recognition of the complaint. Therefore in 1997, the United Kingdom National Clinical Guidelines for the Care of Women with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction were published in order to increase awareness and promote effective management of symphysis pubis dysfunction.

Studies have suggested that instability of the sacroiliac joints during pregnancy is the primary cause of pubic symphysis dysfunction during pregnancy. (1 and 2)

SPD is often misdiagnosed due to lack of knowledge, experience or inadequate examination or mixed signs and symptoms. Women have been quoted as being misdiagnosed with urinary tract infections, round ligament pain, nerve compression, bone infections and even pre-term labour.

If you are unsure if you are suffering with SPD then contact Chiropractic First, we will go through a detailed history and thorough examination to help you find out what’s wrong. Call our clinic for an appointment today.

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